Govern­­mental Day Work­­shop at FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam

On 12 March 2019, atene KOM will organised the fifth Governmental Day Workshop. It took place as part of the FTTH Conference 2019 in Amsterdam.

The Governmental Day Workshop once again provided an interactive platform for broadband stakeholders in the EU. It addressed the multiple challenges that broadband deployment in rural areas poses for local and regional authorities. The workshop informed stakeholders about policy developments at European level, identified possible solutions to the challenges and facilitated an intensive exchange.

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Photos 1-4:Group photo of speakers and organisers; Alexandra Rotileanu (European Commission, DG Connect); Christian Zieske (atene KOM); Peyman Khodabakhsh (atene KOM); 
5-8: Kristina Lundberg (Sunne, Sweden); Wouter Degadt (Leiedal, Belgium); Participants working out solutions during the interactive session; Carina Dunk (Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet CIC, Wales, UK);
9-12: Peyman Khodabakhsh in conversation with participants; Moderator Tony Shortall (r, Director of Telage) talking to a participant; Magdalena Jähler (l, atene KOM) talking to participants; Maija Ahokas (Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finland);
13-14: Group photo of speakers and some participants; Jorge Infante Gonzales (BEREC)
Governmental Day Workshop, FTTH Conference, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 12 March 2019.
© atene KOM / Florian Schuh.

Agenda Governmental Day Workshop

12 March 2019, RAI Convention Centre Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Room E102

Moderation: Tony Shortall, Director at Telage

14:00Welcome and opening remarksTim Brauckmüller
(CEO atene KOM GmbH)
Part I: Policy Update
14:10Digital Single MarketEuropean Commission broadband policy update
  • Connectivity for a European Gigabit Society

  • European Communication Code

  • WiFi4EU

  • Mapping

  • Post 2020 plans
Alexandra Rotileanu
Policy Officer, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission
14:30Broadband Deployment in the EU Member StatesPresentations of Best Practice solutions from European regions

  • Innovative models of financing

  • Cost-reduction measures

  • Territorial cohesion in rural areas

  • Socio-economic impact of high-speed infrastructure

Winners of European Broadband Awards 2018:

Carina Dunk
Michaelston-y-Fedw Internet CIC, Wales, UK

Kristina Lundberg
Welcoming Sunne municipality to the Network of the Future, Sweden
15:00Geographical identificationMeasures and implications for authorities and investors: How does regulation influence the pace at which innovative services are brought to the market?Jorge Infante Gonzales
Co-Chair Market & Economic Analysis Experts Working Group BEREC
15:20Coffee Break
Part II: “European Broadband Safari”: Bridging the Rural Digital Divide
15:35Rural digital inclusionFinland’s broadband achievements, targets and planned actions to close the digital gapMaija Ahokas
Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finland
15:50Mapping the fibre infrastructure rolloutPresentation of a spatial data platform for planning, effective implementation and monitoring of the infrastructure rollout

Christian Zieske
Expert, atene KOM GmbH
16:10Digital inclusion in rural EuropePresentation of pilot activities that improve the attractiveness and productivity of rural areas

  • What are the existing common local gaps in digital skills and services?

  • Guiding measures for local authorities that help bridging the digital divide

  • Pilot projects

Dr Peyman Khodabakhsh
Project Manager, atene KOM GmbH

Wouter Degadt
e-Government Coordinator at intercommunale Leiedal
16:30Interactive session
Workshop participants discuss different dimensions of the digital divide and draw up solutions/ quick win strategies.
17:25Closing remarksTim Brauckmüller
CEO atene KOM GmbH



Magdalena Jähler
Project Manager
Phone: +49 341 962103-18

Dr Peyman Khodabakhsh
Project Manager
Phone: +49 30 22183-3113