Geoinformation systems (GIS)

Geoinformation systems (GIS) are used in many ways today. For years, GIS has been an integral part of public sector planning processes. Construction measures, nature conservation, spatial planning considerations and many other applications are implemented there. Geomarketing and 3D engineering are no longer foreign words for trade and manufacturing.

atene KOM uses GIS systems for spatial evaluations. The effects of decisions, e.g. in wind energy or natural disasters, can be visualized in GIS. GIS is also a useful tool for democratic participation processes from which everyone can benefit.

After all, GIS is also used in a variety of ways for large-scale analyses, e.g. for the use of subsidies or demographic change.

atene KOM uses GIS as a tool. Through complementary measures, many years of experience and strategic considerations, we can create spatially related and complementary data and derive recommendations for action for program development, crisis management and structural considerations.

atene KOM cooperates with various specialized partners throughout Europe in the use of GIS. A holistic integration in public administration can therefore be achieved from a single source.

GIS is a technical system that can only unfold its effect with correct interpretation and use – strategic considerations on the use and implementation through training and development of the corporate or organisational culture are part of atene KOM‘s field of activity.