Project work

The work in projects has become everyday life for many of us. A project is characterised by complexity, limited financial and time resources and therefore places special demands on the organisation of everyday work. Especially in public institutions a project often has to be carried out in addition to the daily work and can therefore only be implemented with limited resources and using synergies. Project work is therefore not always only positive, but also a term for “discontinuity”.

But: projects give new impulses, advance organisations, employees and customers and can enable flexible and goal-oriented work. atene KOM makes this work possible in projects throughout Europe with more than 14,500 contact persons, project staff and organisations. Diversity management and a high degree of networking are the factors that lead projects to success. Infrastructure, but also technical and social projects are promoted by close contacts to politics and economy in many regions of Europe or on national level.

The tools of atene KOM, the experience of its employees and the professionalisation of intercultural communication are the main focus. We support you in the development of new partnerships, but also in the activation of existing projects.

The challenge of project PR

The special thing about projects is that they are limited in time. This also applies to project PR, which thus faces special challenges. Corporate design, logo, slogan etc. must transport the contents of the project quickly and effectively in order to generate recognition value despite the limited duration. Projects should usually deepen topics or increase identification with products or regions. Achieving a positive effect for the partner organisation is a particular challenge that is often underestimated.