National programmes

Funding programmes at federal and state level

There are a large number of funding programmes at federal and state level. The approval of subsidies is usually subject to procedures and conditions. The interpretation of technical terms can be decisive for the success of a project, especially when it comes to applying for funding but also when it comes to implementing it.

The requirements of the individual programmes are often very different, especially from a financial point of view. In addition to different funding rates, which significantly influence the proportion of own funds to be raised, the eligibility of individual expenditures also differs. For example, administrative overheads can be offset in one programme but not in another. Travel expenses can be settled on a flat-rate basis or according to BRKG. Personnel costs are also not eligible in every program.

Questions often arise in connection with the funding possibilities of private and public partners, the billing of daily rates, as well as the budgetary classification of the budget shares, e.g. of third parties or partners in the projects. The answers are not always easy to find.

atene KOM knows the answers to the questions concerning the handling of funded projects. We offer you tools to cope with the tasks and stand by you as a reliable partner from planning to implementation.

Promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises

The promotion of new ideas in particular is in the interest of the Federal Government and the European Union. A large number of programmes support start-ups, the opening of new business fields and interdisciplinary or European cooperation.

One example is the Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM), which promotes SME networks in particular. The European Social Fund (ESF) offers opportunities for transnational exchange. Furthermore, support such as the partial financing of an innovation assistant or low-interest KFW loans are often helpful to implement the right idea on the market.

The focus is on the success of the project. Here, too, we provide support with market analyses, implementation concepts and an international network. A selection of small innovative projects can be found here.