The Project

The Broadband Europe section of the Shaping Europe’s digital future informs about the broadband developments in the EU and Member States, broadband policies and their implementation. Further, it promotes the aims of the Gigabit Society 2025 and Digital Decade 2030. The website also provides information and guidance on investing in broadband development, technological solutions, business models, financing tools and measures to reduce the costs of broadband deployment. Furthermore, Broadband Europe showcases examples of successful broadband projects.


  • Successful dissemination of broadband networks
  • Providing information on broadband development in the EU and Member States (policy and implementation)
  • Managing the European Broadband Awards
  • Collecting good practices in broadband development

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Setup, completing, improving and monitoring the website´s content by analysing new studies and other sources of current information on broadband technologies, economies and policies
  • Updating the 27 country pages and translating the content into the national languages
  • Design, organisation and implementation of the annual European Broadband Awards and evaluation of applications
  • Developing and implementation of the communication plan, including social media

Lead Partner:

European Commission, DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT), Directorate B: Electronic Communications Networks and Services, Unit B5 Investment in High-Capacity Networks

atene KOM responsibilities:

Research, project management


2013 – 2024

atene KOM contact person

Magdalena Jähler

Magdalena Jähler

Project Manager

Phone: +49 341 989769-18

Darijus Valiucko

Darijus Valiucko

Project Manager

Phone: +49 341 989769-19