European Collaborative Innovation Centres for broadband media services

The Project

E-CLIC aimed to develop research and innovation networks related to broadband media services in order to stimulate the commercialization of the region’s knowledge base and encourage the development of new employment opportunities.

E-CLIC aimed to enhance the provision of broadband services that were perceived as the engine for stimulating economic growth and employment. A ‘cluster’ of eight Broadband Media Centers was established to create North Sea Region competence, increase critical mass in the sector and promote cooperation between businesses, research and education organizations.


  • Set up of eight European Collaborative Innovation Centres around the North Sea for Broadband Media Services based on Triple Helix model of Innovation
  • Establishment of LivingLab environment and integration between LivingLabs for content and dissemination purposes
  • Development of new products and services for e-Government, e-commerce, e-Health and e-Learning
  • Development of further broadband access in participating regions, and in particular in rural areas
  • Building up of a transnational database to achieve a pool of resources in different disciplines for the multimedia industry
  • Strengthening of transnational cooperation in the field of content production, especially content for the HD TV & IPTV market, including multimedia content
  • Solution of transnational programmes for involvement (and exchange) of students/company/public service
  • Development of the next generation E-CLIC model as a strategic plan for regional development in Europe

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Financial management of the three involved German partners:
    1. Review and compilation of the semi-annual financial reports of the German partners
    2. Creation of reports and lists of deficiencies
    3. Answering project-specific questions
    4. Check of the chain of documents and check for completeness of the documents (incl.
      currency conversion certificates, presence of required originals)
    5. Check of compliance with project-specific regulations (signatures, assignments, logos etc.)
    6. Check of the calculation bases of hourly rates
  • Collaboration with First-Level-Controller (auditor)
  • Communication with the funding agency and other relevant bodies
  • Content support for case studies
  • Preparation of the German final E-CLIC brochure (textual design up to printability)
  • Preparation and handling of project-specific journeys (guidelines)
  • Organization and implementation of transnational partner meetings
  • Development and implementation of an E-CLIC app (hybrid app)
  • Conduct of moderated meetings, participation in project meetings
  • Creation and evaluation of midterm and self evaluation


Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programm (2007-2013)

Lead Partner:

County Administrative Board of Värmland

atene KOM responsibilities:

Project and financial management for the German project partners; Management of the work package 6 “Evaluation and Quality”; Transnational communication


2008 – 2012

atene KOM contact person

Stefan Molkentin

Stefan Molkentin

Project Lead

Mail: s.molkentin@atenekom.eu
Phone: +49 479182049-10