Sustainable housing for strong communities

The project

Investments of individual homeowners in the energy efficiency of their buildings are insufficient despite of different national attempts to install support measures. The impact of the existing support measures for homeowners is limited, e.g. because funding schemes are fractured and insufficiently respond to the needs and concerns of individual homeowners. Stronghouse aims at adjusting and redesigning existing measures based on a better understanding of the drivers that motivate homeowners – individually and on a neighbourhood level – to invest and reduce the environmental footprint of their homes. Together, these redesigned measures support homeowners in their journey from initial interest, to planning, financing and contracting energy efficient refurbishment measures.


Stronghouse aims at reducing the footprint of 15.000 homes, generating 100-million-euro investment and achieving 50 kiloton CO2 reduction. The project starts by analysing existing instruments on their impact. Sharing, (re-)organizing and enhancing them with complementary tools, Stronghouse raises their impact and delivers four related support measures:

  1. Instruments and tools that enable individual homeowners to invest in energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies
  2. Neighbourhood-approach to organize the necessary scale and drivers to invest
  3. Market access for regional SMEs specialized in energy efficient housing refurbishment for individual owners
  4. Adoption strategies for implementing these instruments, approach and market access

atene KOM responsibilities

atene KOM is a project partner in Stronghouse with the aim to identify digital technologies, tools and services that can be applied by and for home owners to improve the energy performance of their building (smart home technologies). In addition, atene KOM will develop e-learning modules and training materials addressing and using the support instruments being developed in an earlier project phase. The delivered adoption strategies will be disseminated and implemented in Germany under coordination of atene KOM.


Interreg North Sea Region 2014 – 2020

Lead Partner:

Province Drenthe, NL

atene KOM responsibilities:

Project partner


01/2020 – 06/2023

atene KOM contact persons

Britta Schmigotzki

Britta Schmigotzki

Head of EU-Programmes and Networks

Phone: +49 30 22183-3101