Serving as a continuation of the Interreg Baltic Sea (BSR) SmartUp Accelerator project—a collaboration project between seven countries around the Baltic Sea with the focus on building consumer cleantech ecosystems—the SmartUP Acceleartor Platform is now live. In an effort to establish a self-sustaining network, the virtual platform gathers passionate ’’smartups’’—or startups making business out of smarter resource use via digital services—as well as prominent intermediaries and influential large companies and investors in the consumer cleantech field around the BSR. The SmartUp Accelerator virtual platform, launched in November 2020, brings together consumer cleantech front-runners and opens up new opportunities and powerful collaborations by joining forces across sectors and borders.

The platform and the network it hosts will give access to other organisations that are prepared to support, collaborate or invest in innovative and sustainable solutions that show promise for market success. As such, the platform will allow relevant organisations to become more effective in supporting regional stakeholders/companies through access to financing or funding opportunities (geared toward consumer cleantech or low carbon innovations), connections to testbed opportunities for various projects/stakeholders and the identification of international partners (i.e. future Interreg BSR/European project opportunities). Access to the network also allows access to market studies and research, case studies and exposure to trends or market-related information in the realm of consumer cleantech across the BSR. Core to the benefits of the network are European-level exposure and strong ties/network opportunities with relevant consumer cleantech (i.e. digitisation, low carbon/energy efficiency) and potential Interreg BSR/European project partnerships.

Currently, members of the SmartUp Accelerator Network include science parks, innovation centres, startups, think tanks, universities, large companies and other intermediaries from across the Baltic Sea Region – for example, Johanneberg Science Park, Innovatum, the Centre of Industry Development of the Leningrad Region, Enterprise Estonia, BuildIt (Latvia), HubHub, and more.

Each prospective member must apply for registrition online. To learn how to create a personal profile and sign up for the platform (virtual network), view these instructions for joining the network created by the SmartUp Accelerator partnership.

A LinkedIn page for the SmartUp Accelerator Network has already been established to keep prospective members in contact during the time period in which the virtual SmartUp Accelerator Network Platform was under development. View the latest video (on LinkedIn) explaining the SmartUp Accelerator Network to potential members here.