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Transnational 2IMPREZS Mid Term Conference

Transnational 2IMPREZS Mid Term Conference

Serving as the Mid Term Event of the extended Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) 2IMPREZS project, this conference shall demonstrate how the transnational 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges approach can be applied in your region to save energy and reduce carbon...

Fostering synergies among European projects

Fostering synergies among European projects

In June 2021, six European projects took part in the joint conference of Interreg projects “Integrated Digital Transformation”, which was centred around fostering synergies amongst likeminded European projects. The digital conference took place on 2 June...


Education is in need of a paradigm shift. Current developments like changes in media use, digital learning opportunities, individual learning on demand and new challenges for young professionals and employees alter the requirements for education institutions as well as pedagogical tools and teaching methods.

This also applies for digitalisation at schools, which benefit significantly from fast and reliable internet access for learning programmes and administrative tasks.

It is our objective to promote digital learning and provide suitable recommendations for action to agents of education policy. Due to this, atene KOM GmbH is part of the managing board of the Initiative D21 for which we conducted a study on media education at German schools.

Institutions of higher education are facing new challenges concerning quality and specialisation of their learning programmes as well. Projects such as Colibri or Epic initiated by Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission make it possible to test new learning and training methods. As a partner in these projects, we encourage the connection of theory and teaching, because demand for highly qualified employees as well as the needs of students regarding locations and quality are continuously rising.

In an interregional, European and international context competitiveness is one of the most important driver for new educational programmes. Thus, expertise, soft skills and assured methodical approaches are required. We are a partner of institutions of higher education, associations and the business sector, and we tackle those challenges with solutions for a lasting and interdisciplinary collaboration. This includes, for example, innovation centres directly attached to institutions of higher education. In doing so, we already accomplished promoting innovative teaching methods, higher awareness of qualifications matching the labour market or daily work environments in addition to virtual and personal interaction of students.

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