On the atene KOM „journey into the future“, we encounter people for whom digitalization is more than just a buzzword. 3 questions put to … Prof. Dr. Regine Herbrik, Director of the Ludwigslust-Parchim District Adult Education Centre.

Prof. Herbrik, what opportunities does the digitalization process hold for your work? And where do you see risks?

Regine Herbrik: The opportunities certainly include the fact, that online and hybrid formats multiply the possibilities for participation in continuing education in rural areas. In addition, digitalization enables more direct participation and communication between the educational institution, the participants as well as the course instructors throughout platforms such as the vhs.Cloud. However, without further trainings in the field of digital skills, digitalization runs the risk of leaving parts of the population behind.

What are the most exciting developments in the field of digitalization for you at the moment?

Herbrik: As a municipal continuing education institution in a rural district, we are looking at hybrid formats. In this way, we would like to ensure that the vhs remains a presentable meeting place and at the same time, it opens up new opportunities for participation through online participation.

When you think about the future …

Herbrik: … I dream of vhs learning groups that sometimes meet  in person, sometimes online – and thus maintain a lively exchange with each other and can connect with exciting experts from all parts of the world when the opportunity arises.