Moderation and Mediation

Networks often function informally and are characterised by personal relationships. So-called actor clusters or similar forms of cooperation are designed to help all your members to succeed. Individual interests are not always compatible. The definition of a common goal, e.g. in the formation of a project network, the joint development of procedures and measures, e.g. in the organisational restructuring process or the supporting communication work, e.g. in citizens’ meetings, are moderated and managed by trained and experienced employees of atene KOM.

In cooperation with specialized mediators, we can lead negotiations to success. Among other things, atene KOM specialises in PPP communication. Often there are misunderstandings between private contractors and public clients, especially with larger projects and contracts awarded, which can only be resolved through knowledge of the organisational processes and cultural differences on both sides.

Network analyses

For the successful implementation of projects as well as for decision-making processes at regional level, a network analysis is an indispensable tool for identifying the potential for action. Multi-layered analyses and detailed research can bring a project a significant step forward on the road to success.