Funding administration

Financial administration

Project work is focused on content. Nevertheless, the administrative requirements for “proof of the proper use of funds” are becoming more and more extensive. A large part of the project work becomes financial administration. However, this is not just about proper accounting. New processes have to be created in order to compile the numerous supporting documents for the reports. Separate accounts must be set up and the traceability of the new “project accounting” must also be based on the results of the project. As the lead partner, funds may also have to be “passed through”, the eligibility of expenditure for funding must be checked and the partners themselves may be advised in the handling of the project.

Often the project team members stand alone with the many questions and guidelines or have to carry out the financial processing in addition to the actual project work. atene KOM takes over these tasks, up to the transnational consultation of partners and the secured production of the proof of use. In different stages we can relieve you of the financial administration from “training on the job” to the “carefree package”.

Audit preparation

Regular checks on project management by donors are standard for larger projects. Interim reporting is also often required for long-term projects.

atene KOM checks your documents and develops action plans. We are also happy to accompany the revision and work out pragmatic solutions with the actors involved. Our experience and many years of cooperation with auditors, lawyers and programme secretariats helped us to develop an atene KOM standard for the proper handling of third-party funded projects. This standard is based on a catalogue of measures and a comprehensive toolbox available to our clients. If you follow this atene KOM standard, we can assume liability guarantees.