Collaboration and Innovation for Better, Personalized and IT-Supported Teaching

Initial Situation

Challenges and needs of higher education in general as well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in particular are:

  • Rising need of highly qualified workers for the ICT market
  • Falling student numbers of traditional, technical ICT-fields
  • Using ICT for competent, efficient study material
  • Supporting mobility of students
  • Improvement of competitiveness in Europe
  • Enhancement of interdisciplinary education

The Project

COLIBRI was a blended-learning-course. Students from the seven partner universities worked on ten online modules on the topic “Future Internet Opportunities” in varying levels. Additionally, groups of three to five students from the participating universities worked on case studies provided by the industrial partners of the partner consortium.

The teaching material was checked for quality at the beginning as well as at the end of the semester. After that, it was available as Open Educational Resources (OER) for everyone interested.


  • Improving the quality and relevance of teaching materials with innovative approaches and disseminating best practice examples
  • Enhancing the orientation of the curriculum towards the labour market needs
  • Promoting innovative teaching approaches and collaborative learning by using ICT, open educational resources as well as blended learning and virtual mobility

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Quality assurance of teaching material
  • Technical consultation in the fields of broadband technology and networks
  • Providing case studies



Lead Partner:

University of Aalborg/Dänemark

atene KOM responsibilities:

Head of quality committee; Technical consultation


2014 – 2017

atene KOM contact person

Lea Mank

Lea Mank

Project Manager

Phone: +49 30 22183-2121