Mining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network

The Project

The Min-Novation project dealt with the challenges and potentials of mining and mining industries, particularly with improved access to knowledge, state-of-the-art technologies and best-practices models in the partner countries of the Baltic Sea region.

In addition to the development of innovative solutions, the establishment of regional and transnational Min-innovation networks should enable small and medium-sized companies in the mining and ore processing industry to find an easier way of exchanging information with regional and national universities, research institutions and governmental agencies.


  • Organization of a transnational Baltic Min-Novation network for the transfer of knowledge between small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific institutions and governmental authorities
  • Establishment of sustainable regional networks in the partner countries to examine the current political requirements for the mining and ore processing industry into the Baltic Sea
  • Development of guidelines for measures for economic growth, transfer of technology and sustainable mineral waste management
  • Implementation of pilot projects as well as pilot investments related to the recovery of mineral waste in Estonia, Finland and Poland

atene KOM responsibilities

  • Project and financial management of a German project partner
  • Evaluation of the overall transnational project (work package 6)
  • Support for the implementation of the regional Min-Novation network at the German project partner Mansfeld / Süd-Harz


Interreg IV B North Sea Region Programme (2007-2013)

Lead Partner:

AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow/Poland)

atene KOM responsibilities:

Project- and financial management; Evaluation


2010 – 2013

atene KOM contact person

Stefan Molkentin

Stefan Molkentin

Project Lead

Mail: s.molkentin@atenekom.eu
Phone: +49 479182049-10