Attention teachers and students! On May 27, the project 2IMPREZS from the Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) invites school classes and individual students to exchange ideas about possible energy saving measures in schools. The transnational event with participants from all over the North Sea Region will take place online from 10am to 12:30pm.

In the North Sea region, so-called Energy Challenges are carried out at schools as part of the 2IMPREZS project. The competition aims to encourage students to develop their own CO2 reduction measures – for example, by changing behaviour patterns or by implementing simple technical energy-saving measures in school buildings. These include, among others, switching to LED lighting or closing windows instead of turning on the heating (i.e. more conscious energy consumption). Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition is being held digitally this year.

The final event of the competition is intended to honour and to celebrate the knowledge gained and the efforts made by the students, but also to inspire them to continue working for climate protection. School classes and individual pupils not participating in the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges are also invited to the event, as they can benefit from the exchange even if they have not taken part in the competition itself.

The international event is in English and brings together students aged 10-14 from all project partner countries of Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark. Participants can look forward to exciting interactive elements – but be patient, we won’t give too much away yet! Just this much: as the event approaches, pupils can submit contributions for a video competition pertaining to the topic of ‘’Which behavioural and technical measures can save energy in schools?’’ In this video, pupils are invited to demonstrate how their behaviour has changed by participating in the Energy Challenges. Three winning videos will be presented at the event. Please see at the end of the article for more information on the participation guidelines.

Participation in the event will take place through the digital IFS (Interactive Fact Sheets) platform. The development of the 2IMPREZS IFS was overseen by atene KOM GmbH as part of the 2IMPREZS project and allows students, teachers and parents to follow the progress of energy saving measures during the Energy Challenges. In addition, the platform offers digital resources, games and background information on the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges and energy topics in preparation for the event and beyond.

Individual pupils and entire schools are now able to register for the event here. For updates check out the official 2IMPREZS page!

Video Contest Guidelines

Participants must make sure the video meets the following guidelines:

  • Maximum 2 minutes length
  • English is the spoken language, or there are English subtitles
  • The 2IMPREZS logo (with EU flag) is displayed at the beginning or the end of the video
  • Everyone featured in the video has given consent according to the GDPR guidelines. These declarations are to be enclosed in the video submission.

Pupils wanting to take part in the video contest are asked to please send their short films to by 10 May 2021.

Individual pupils and entirely schools are invited to register for the Transnational 2IMPREZS Online Event by visiting the event registration page.


The transnational strategy of the 2IMPREZS project aims to achieve energy savings of up to 30% in over 1,410 schools in the North Sea region. This corresponds to an emission reduction of about 7,320 tons of CO2.

As project partner, atene KOM takes over the communication with the schools in the project region. The participating schools are supported throughout the project and have a permanent contact person for the implementation of the Energy Challenges and the sustainable reduction of their energy consumption. Furthermore, atene KOM takes over the organization of the local meetings of the schools in order to promote the transnational knowledge exchange.

Further information on 2IMPREZS can also be found on the project website: