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The Interreg project 2IMPREZS of atene KOM in the North Sea Region was invited to participate in a high-level event on the capitalization of European projects in the framework of the North Sea Conference 2022 in Bruges.

The Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) project 2IMPREZS was selected out of numerous applications to present their capitalisation efforts at the “Scoop the Impact!” event as a part of the annual North Sea Conference, set to take place this year on 23-25 May 2022 in Bruges, Belgium. With the Bruges Concert Hall venue fully booked at 300 participants, the two projects for which atene KOM serves as the Communication Manager and project partner, respectively, will demonstrate in innovative ways how they are making steps to decarbonise and improve quality of life in the North Sea Region and beyond.

Scaling up success through transnational cooperation

The capitalisation event as a part of the North Sea Conference 2022 explores the various projects’ successes, highlighting how they have collaborated through transnational partnerships to develop solutions that can drive positive change and result in substantial impact on a larger scale. The event is a part of the three-day conference programme, during which the outstanding selected projects shall present fast-paced and engaging sessions to demonstrate to participants how they can capitalise on their projects’ objectives, impact and scope to further build capacity within their regions. The event will also serve as an excellent networking opportunity for participants to exchange experiences on capitalisation of projects with other delegates. The participants of the event can look forward to receiving real-world examples of capitalisation of European projects, as demonstrated through the eight selected projects.

In their role as the Communication Manager for 2IMPREZS, representatives from atene KOM will provide an exciting performance of the project’s success stories before reporting onstage live from the packed concert hall in Bruges. Though the presentation of 2IMPREZS’s capacity building success is set to be a surprise for the 23rd of May, one thing about the performance is for certain: The 2IMPREZS Energy Eater – the brainchild of a few young Belgian pupils back in 2018 that have reproduced across all five of the project partner countries of The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the UK – will without a doubt have something to say to all the lucky attendees!

More information about the fully booked North Sea Conference 2022, including the programme of events hosted simultaneously by the North Sea Commission, can be found here.


More Information on 2IMPREZS

The Interreg North Sea Region (NSR) 2IMPREZS project has developed a tried-and-true method of reducing energy consumption in school buildings, thus lowering carbon emissions, across the five participating North Sea Region countries of Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the UK. From 2017 to 2021, the 2IMPREZS project stimulated change in the current climate crisis and resulting energy transition by fostering both behavioral and technical energy efficiency measures in existing schools, reducing energy consumption and thus CO2 emissions. The 2IMPREZS project tackled the whole spectrum of energy efficiency measures—the behavioral, the technical and the financial approaches—instead of focusing on one specific field. The proven comprehensive transnational strategy aims to achieve 30% energy savings in 141 schools in the North Sea Region, representing an emission reduction of 7320 tonnes of CO2.

Due to the success of the 2IMPREZS Energy Challenges, the project has been extended for an additional 18 months in order to reach more schools across the North Sea region, develop a digital programme, and continue the considerable reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions.

As project partner, atene KOM GmbH is responsible for communication with the schools from the German project region. The participating schools are supported throughout the project and have a fixed contact person for the implementation of the transnational Energy Challenges and the sustainable measures for the reduction of energy consumption. In addition, atene KOM coordinates the transnational knowledge exchange between the schools.

More information about 2IMPREZS can also be found on the project website: